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Verda is an expert consultant, with a proven track record for success.









Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best option to choose, the Retainer Program, or the Online Application Submittal Programs?

The Retainer Program secures a pre-determined number of ongoing consulting services via telephone and email.

The Retainer Program alone will provide training and support to a Manufacturer or his staff to submit product applications themselves. Verda's consulting includes analysis of technical data to determine compliance method, assistance with locating compliance entities, ongoing telephone and email support answering any and all questions. Verda is an analyst and a problem solver. Much of her skill is pointing out viable options from which the Manufacturer would then make the business decisions. The Product Application Submittal Program can be utilized when a Product Manufacturer wants to turn the entire project over to a capable consultant to handle. This includes submitting the application(s) and putting the manufacturer in contact with proven engineers and validation entities to get the job done efficiently and correctly. To submit applications for the manufacturer requires additional fees.

2. What are the benefits of hiring a consultant for our product approvals?

The main reason to hire a consultant is to obtain the benefits of specialized expertise. I have personally supported the product approval process over the past five years, lending email and telephone support to product manufacturers, engineers, private home owners, compliance entities, contractors, design professionals, local building officials, and the general public. Many of you already know me, as I have helped you with a product approval question or concerns. I have a 6th sense for analyzing any technical or operational problems a user may be having, as well as intensive knowlege of the application process itself.

Oh, and another benefit of a consultant is to obtain manpower which cannot be spared from day-to-day operations. Hiring additional, temporary expertise is less expensive than adding permanent staff.

Finally, and possibly the most significant reason is that you have products to manufacture and sell, so you're busy! You don't want to handle the product approval application submittal, but prefer to hand it off to an expert consultant, with a proven track record for success.


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